Twins and Multiples Resources

A Doula Specializing in Twins

As a mama of twins myself, I specialize in working as a doula for families expecting multiples. I've been to 25 twin births so far, and I've taught dozens of families of multiples in my multiples-specific childbirth education. I'm a bit of an expert, if I do say so myself!  Because there can be a lot of added complexity during a twin pregnancy (though there doesn't have to be!), I believe it's that much more important to have a doula - even more so than when you're expecting a singleton. I am a passionate advocate for normalizing twin birth, and I believe that no one understands the experience quite like another twin mama! One note: Twin families are often told by hospital staff or hospital educators that you "don't need" or "can't" have a doula because you have to birth your babies in the OR (even vaginally). This is not true that your doula cannot accompany you to the OR! In the state of Minnesota, a woman is entitled to doula care at all times, and at all the twin births I've attended, I've been allowed in the OR for vaginal births, no questions asked. I even had two doulas in the OR for my own birth!


I am continuously updating and expanding this section of my site with some twin-specific resources as well as some inspiring twin birth stories. Here are a few great places to start:

  • Local midwife Gail Tully (aka The Spinning Babies Lady) is internationally known for her work on fetal positioning. Her site includes some wonderful information on getting your twins into a good position for vaginal birth. She also includes important dietary guidelines for reducing the risk of pre-eclampsia and premature birth.


  • Finally, check out this totally inspirational YouTube video: