Services and Fees

Birth Doula Services
We will typically meet three times prior to your birth. The first time is a shorter meeting where we get to know each other and decide if we're a good fit. There is no cost for this meet-and-greet session. I usually hold these meetings at acoffee shop near my home. If we decide to work together, I am available to you via email, phone, or text whenever you need me. During the next two prenatal visits, typically held in your home, we will talk more in depth about your dreams and your fears about your birth. We'll work on a birth vision (aka birth plan), and practice comfort measures to use during labor.
Once active labor starts, I will come labor with you at home or meet you at the hospital, depending on your preferences. And I'll be with you whether your labor lasts three hours or three days. I will stay 1-2 hours after the birth to make sure you're comfortable, have some food, and to help with breastfeeding, if necessary. After your birth, I'll come do a postnatal visit where we'll process the birth and see how things are going as you adjust to your new family. This is a great time to hear how the birth went for you and for me to share what I observed as well.  I'll also help you connect with any resources you might need during your postpartum time. 
I have a flat fee of $1000. Half ($500) is due at our first prenatal meeting and and the remaining half ($500) is due by our second postpartum visit or 38 weeks, whichever comes first. That being said, if we both want to work together and finances are an obstacle, I'm happy to work out a payment plan.