I'm currently taking a break from teaching my Multiples, VBAC, and Lamaze classes as I focus on my own little one, born in October of 2015! 
For now, here's some lovely feedback from my past students: 

  • Jess, your class was very well-organized and filled with a lot of helpful information. It was great to hear your own experience helping mothers, supporting and encouraging them as a doula. I am glad that you made a difference for not just me and my wife, but also for the other couples that attended this class. You are a wonderful teacher.
  • Jess, thank you SO MUCH for such an empowering, informative, and well-organized class. Your presence is calming and your knowledge of birth and VBAC is comprehensive and reassuring....I really think this is an invaluable class, and you are a PHENOMENAL educator. Thank you so very much.
  • Great confidence-building techniques. Very supportive environment. Realistic prep for labor. Very helpful resources.
  • I thought this class was awesome. Doula Jess is the best possible combination of warmth and heart and soul and information-based analysis. As a dad, this class gave me confidence and made me very excited for the birth of our baby, and to go through that experience with my wife. This class was great, thank you so much!!!